We Are Open And Able To Inspect Your Lifts During The Covid Pandemic

your technicians safety and lives are counting on you!



How much does it cost your shop to have a lift down for two weeks? I'm guessing a lot!

Why not have them inspected every 12 months to catch the problems BEFORE the lift is inoperable while waiting for parts and repairs?  A lift inspection is thousands of dollars less than a lift taken out of service production for a few weeks.

"If anything happens — an accident, a snap inspection, even a disgruntled employee reporting a violation — the first thing L&I, DOSH or OSHA will ask you for is your lift inspection documentation," says Ed Gibbons, fixed operations specialist for Automotive Compliance Consulting Inc. of Crystal Lake, Ill.

OSHA has a general duty clause which makes it necessary to provide a safe work environment for all employees. It is encouraged to follow the recommendations of ANSI and the manufacturer of the lifts as to the frequency of inspections. As a minimum all inspection points must be inspected annually. 

Are your lifts being inspected annually by an ALI Certified Lift Inspector? Probably not...

According to OSHA, they should be. OSHA- annual inspections of lifts are aimed at catching such maintenance lapses and can get very expensive if you don’t have proof of annual inspections and proper maintenance records.  

Lift Inspections Northwest can perform all lift inspections and provide the service manager with the required paperwork that would need to be presented in the event of a lift related injury, insurance audit, L&I, WISHA, DOSH or OSHA inspection.

*Only lift inspections, adjustments and maintenance will be performed. This will ensure zero conflicts of interest when compared to inspectors that also sell parts and perform repairs. Honesty and trust is our number one priority. 

Why choose Lift Inspections Northwest for your annual inspections?

  • Our inspector is one of roughly 500 select lift inspectors in the United States certified by the Automotive Lift Institute to inspect lifts.  Inspector number 2164.
  • Our inspector has completed the OSHA 30-hour General Safety and Health course, the OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER course, the OSHA 4-hour Record Keeping course and the OSHA 1910 Standards course.
  • Our inspector is a Certified Dealer Compliance Officer by the Association of Dealership Compliance Officers. (ADCO)
  • Our inspector has over 30 years of auto dealer experience and 12 years as a compliance officer for auto dealerships.
  • We only inspect, adjust and maintain- no sales or repairs. You won’t be charged for unnecessary repairs or  replacement parts that you don’t need.
  • We can refer reputable repair shops from our network of preferred vendors should your lifts need repairs. 
  • We don’t charge for travel time - ever. 
  • We don’t charge by the hour, it’s a flat fee per lift regardless of model. No up charge for HD lifts or Wheels Engaging Mobile Units. (WEMU)
  • Our inspection is a 49 point complete lift specific inspection, not the generic “one size fits all” 10 point checklist that most use.
  • You will receive a complete, typed, spiral bound report of your inspections along with a lift specific maintenance log for each lift in your shop. Including the make, model and serial number for your records and proof of inspection.
  • We will conduct an administrative review for you in addition to the lift inspection.
  • We can provide missing safety labels and other print material that you may need.
  • We can facilitate the lift training that your techs are required to have.
  • We will return annually to conduct your inspections and provide you with the current model year ALI/LP – Guide “Quick Reference Guide, Vehicle Lifting Points for Frame Engaging Lifts”.

Lift Inspections Northwest is a professional inspection company, not an equipment sales company. We conduct all inspections with the utmost integrity, professionalism and take no shortcuts. After all, your techs safety and lives are counting on us to do the job right.

About Us

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Skilled Inspector

Our inspector has worked for over 30 years in the dealership environment, is an Automotive Lift Institute certified lift inspector, has completed the OSHA 30-hour General Industry Safety and Health course by the University of Central Florida as well as a Certified Auto Dealer Compliance Officer by the Association of Dealer Compliance Officers (ADCO).

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Transparent Pricing

Lift Inspections NW charges a flat fee (based on number of lifts) for ALL lifts regardless of the model. No up charge for HD or wheel engaging mobile units.  We never charge for travel time or by the hour.  We only inspect and maintain, no repairs - you will never be charged for repairs or replacement parts that you don't need - ever.

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Our Quality Promise

Lift Inspections Northwest provides a professional service by a highly trained and ALI certified inspector. 

We conduct all inspections with the utmost integrity, professionalism and take no shortcuts. 

After all, your technicians safety and lives are counting on us to do the job right.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why doesn't my lift rise equally on both sides?

A:  If your lift doesn't rise equally, it could be a number of things.  Most common solution is a cable out of adjustment.

Q: Why does one lock on my lift click sooner than the other one when lifting a car?

A: Both locks should click at the exact same time while lifting.  The lift needs the cables adjusted.

Q: Why does my lift make noises when lifting a car?

A: This could be several different problems, but more than likely it needs lubrication.

Q: The lift stops half way up with a car on it.

A: The lift needs hydraulic fluid or has a hose that's leaking.

Q: How often should we be maintaining the lift?

A: The lift should be maintained according to the manufacturer recommendations that came with your lift.

Q: Why won't my lift raise or lower smoothly.

A: There could be many things causing this.  Air in the hydraulic system is usually what causes this symptom. 

Q: Our lift will drift down when a car is left on it overnight.

A: Clean the lowering valve internally and check for external leaks.

Q: Why is our lift slow when raising a car?

A: You could be using the wrong weight fluid or you could have a loose suction line fitting.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, your lift more than likely need an inspection, maintenance and adjustments.  If the problems listed above aren't corrected before you experience a failure, the costs can get very expensive.  Take care of them before something breaks or causes an accident.